Published Sat. May 2nd, 2020 LSU Shatters CFRC Records in Route to 2019 Championship

The Billingsley Encyclopedia has been updated and the LSU Tigers 2019 team figures prominently in the record books. Bolstered by a perfect 15-0 record, coupled with playing the #1 most difficult schedule of the season, the Bayou Bengals vaulted to the #1 All Time most powerful college team to ever take the field. The rating of 408.051 makes LSU the first team to eclipse the 400 point barrier. For decades the benchmark was 375.979 set by the great 1971 Nebraska Cornhuskers. But, the onset of the College Football Playoff, adding an additional game to the schedule via the national semi-final, bolstered 2018 Clemson and 2019 LSU to record rating highs. The 2009 Alabama Crimson Tide ranks 3rd on the All-Time Rating list at #3 with a rating of 378.293. The SEC recorded the strongest conference for the 13th season in a row, dating back to 2006 when the Big East squeaked out a victory over the SEC, 264.740 to 263.800. 13 in a row is impressive, but it is not a record. The longest running string of conference comparison champions belongs to the Big 10 with 16 in a row from 1919-1934. Of course, logic prevails through the argument that the competition is dramatically more difficult in today's landscape. The highest ever conference rating was recorded by the Big 10 in 1961 with an average of 290.820. The Big 10 recorded 7 teams among the nation's Top 14 teams, an amazing feat. The Big 10 did not however, win the National Title that year. That distinction went to Alabama. In 1961 the Big 10 placed Ohio State at #2, Minnesota at #5, Michigan State at #7, Purdue at #8, Michigan at #11, Wisconsin at #12 and Iowa at #14. In comparison, the SEC's highest recorded average of 286.600 came in 1971 when the conference recorded 6 teams in the Top 13 in the nation. Interestingly, the SEC did not win a national title that season either as Nebraska and Oklahoma finished #1 and #2. Alabama was #3, Georgia #4, Auburn #6, Tennessee #7, Ole Miss #12 and LSU #13. One individual team placed a mark in the record books in 2019. Memphis recorded their greatest team in Tiger history at 285.169, shattering their team best of 275.172 set way back in 1963. I hope you enjoy browsing the 2019 updated version of the Billingsley College Football Encyclopedia, particularly the All-Time Schedules and Scores which contains a wealth of information, including game by game team rankings of the AP  and Coaches Polls in comparison to the Billingsley report. As of this post, dated May 2, 2020, the upcoming college football season remains in doubt. My heart goes out to all those affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. I, along with billions of others pray for a swift end to this virus that has taken so many lives across the globe.

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