College Football Research Center

The College Football Research Center has been part of the online sports community since the early days of the internet, originating way back in 1997. Created to house Billingsley’s college football rankings, CFRC.com eventually grew to include Billingsley’s College Football Encyclopedia, one of the largest and most comprehensive data sources on the web. Today, powered by Ryan McVay Technologies, the new CFRC is bigger, better, and more user-friendly than ever! Find your favorite team and browse the hours away in the All-Time Scores. Follow team after team, game after game, and savor the weekly rankings and point spread projections for every game of any team. Check out the Final Season Rankings for every year dating all the way back to the beginning in 1869. The CFRC is brimming with historical data you simply won’t find anywhere else on the World Wide Web. Once you start, we bet you’ll be hooked. Go ahead and try to stay away - we dare you!

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