Wild Scramble for Top 4. Playoff Participants Still Up For Grabs

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Auburn’s upset over previously undefeated Alabama, coupled with Pittsburgh’s stunning win over Miami (Fla.), left the door wide open for a wild final weekend of College Football on Championship Saturday December 2. With all Power Five Championship Games now set, the big question remains…..which conference will be left out. The winner of the SEC, either Georgia or Auburn and the winner of the ACC, either Clemson or Miami (Fla.) are the only sure bets. If Oklahoma beats TCU, they are in, but if TCU wins the Horned Frogs could be edged out. If Wisconsin beats Ohio State, I believe the Badgers are in. If Ohio State wins, most likely the Buckeyes are in, but it’s not a sure thing. It will be interesting to see where Alabama falls in this coming Tuesday’s Rankings. The only hope the PAC 12 has is that Southern Cal beats Stanford, TCU beats Oklahoma, Ohio State beats Wisconsin…..and the Committee is left with giving the last two remaining seeds to a two loss conference champion from a choice of Southern Cal, TCU and Ohio State, and a one loss Alabama and Wisconsin who did not win their conference. If total chaos ensues and Central Florida beats a highly ranked Memphis to finish 12-0, I would not be shocked if the Golden Knights receive some consideration for the final spot.

My personal prediction for the Final Playoff Rankings after Championship Saturday:

#1 Clemson

#2 Oklahoma

#3 Georgia

#4 Wisconsin