TCU Escapes Red Raiders in Miracle Finish;Utah blasts Oregon

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Like every other prognosticator, there are many times I miss the close calls. Just last week 4 games came down to the last play of the game and my predicted winner lost all four. That’s football. But it’s rare that I misjudge a game as badly as I did this past weekend by predicting a Brigham Young win over Michigan. Final score, Michigan 31 Brigham Young 0. I’m still trying to figure that one out. There is no way BYU is as bad a team as they showed on Saturday. Yes, I’m sure they suffered some fatigue from playing a hard schedule on the road, and yes, I’m sure they suffered some hangover from the disappointing loss at UCLA, but 31-0? Yikes! The biggest question lingering in my mind now is, could Michigan possibly be THAT good? Shouldn’t take long to find out, #1 Michigan State comes calling October 17.

I was right about TCU’s woes in Lubbock though. The Horned Frogs needed a miracle finish to beat Texas Tech 55-52. But my prediction was nothing close to the master, Lee Corso, who boldly predicted on national TV (Gameday on ESPN), that TCU would “win by a safety”, and by George they did. The Horned Frogs recorded a safety earlier in the contest and led by two points back and forth in the game. Later TCU also went for a two point conversion giving an added point to the score for a total winning margin of 3 points. Coach Corso needs to don a fortune teller’s cap next week during predictions. Should I even mention the Longhorn’s woes? I won’t even go there other than to say Texas is a very dangerous team. Two plays separate Texas from being 3-1 with the lone loss at the hands of undefeated Notre Dame. The next two weeks for Texas? TCU in Fort Worth and Oklahoma in Dallas. I would not be surprised if one of those unbeaten teams didn’t fall at the hands of the Horns.

The Pac 12 was full of surprises Saturday with one down right shocker as Utah marched into Autzen Stadium and demolished the slightly favored Ducks 62-20. Looks like Oregon’s dominance of the Pac 12 North is in jeopardy for sure. And what about those Bears. California is still undefeated after beating Washington in Seattle. That’s the second big road win in a row after beating Texas in Austin last Saturday. In the Southern Division one thing was clear, it was not a good night for the state of Arizona as both the Wildcats and Sun Devils lost badly to the LA Two. UCLA throttled Arizona 56-30 while USC was thrashing Arizona State 42-14. There are some huge Pac 12 games on the near horizon as Stanford hosts UCLA on October 15 (a Thursday night game), and USC hosts Utah on October 24.

Down in the SEC LSU, Ole Miss, and Texas A&M all had their hands full Saturday with Syracuse, Vanderbilt, and Arkansas. They fared better than Auburn, Missouri, and Tennessee though, all of whom lost close, tight, games they were expected to win against Mississippi State, Kentucky, and Florida. Maybe Texas and Tennessee could play in the “give Away Bowl” this season. OK, that was just plain uncalled for.

Boise State is still my highest ranked “group of five” team, but I’m sure noticing some strong performances rumbling from the American conference. Watch out for Houston, Temple, and Memphis. If one of those teams happen to come through undefeated, they could possibly overtake the Broncos of the Mountain West for that coveted “New Year’s Day” Bowl slot. Hmmm……I think Toledo deserves a mention in that conversation too, at this point anyway.

Big weekend coming up. Stay tuned for predictions to post Wednesday.