Playoff Committee Results to Be Released 11AM CT Today

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There is little suspense surrounding the announcement of the Top 4 teams this morning. All of the contenders won their championship games except idle Ohio State. The Buckeye’s position seems likely to hold even though the Buckeyes did not win a conference championship. Michigan, Penn State and Oklahoma will most likely garner conversation within the committee, but in the end I believe Alabama, Ohio State, Washington and Clemson will be our playoff participants. The only question becomes the seeding order. Alabama will no doubt be #1. Last week Ohio State was #2. I have a hard time believing Clemson’s 42-35 win over Virginia Tech would leap frog the Tigers over the Buckeyes but it is possible. If the committee values a conference championship highly, even Washington could move ahead of Ohio State moving the Buckeyes all the way to 4. My guess is we are looking at an unchanged Top 4 from last week, leaving us with:

#1 Alabama

#2 Ohio State

#3 Clemson

#4 Washington

Bowl Game projections will not be posted until a few days after next Saturday’s Army-Navy game.