Opening Weekend Will Speak Loudly In December

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Well, truth is, we know it’s not really opening weekend. 5 games have already been played. But still, it has the feel of opening weekend. August 26 was just a technical appetizer.

The games of Labor Day weekend will have a long lasting effect on the 2017 season for sure. With Alabama/Florida State, Michigan/Florida, BYU/LSU, Virginia Tech/West Virginia, Texas A&M/UCLA and Tennessee/Georgia Tech, the Top 25 will certainly be in store for a shake up. Some are calling it the greatest opening weekend in college football history. Possibly so. Losing these opening games may not be and end all to the season either. There is plenty of time to rebound, and they are all non-conference games. Winning a Power Five conference and losing one game to another Top 25 team doesn’t look so bad on a season long resume. Billingsley projections for Week 2 games are now online!