No need for a Playoff Committee this year……So Far

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The Top 4 teams just keep rolling along, making the job for the playoff selection committee a no brainier. But don’t hand out the invitations just yet. All four teams have games left that could easily upset the apple cart before the end of the season. Clemson is the only contending team left with what I would describe as a “manageable” schedule, with Pittsburgh, Wake Forest and South Carolina still on tap. Alabama has a crucial date in the Iron Bowl with a rising Auburn team (and Mississippi State may not be a pushover), Michigan still has Ohio State, and Washington is most vulnerable of all with USC and Washington State still to go. Ohio State, Louisville, Wisconsin, Auburn, Oklahoma and yes, even Western Michigan are patiently waiting in the wings for the right dominoes to fall. Complete chaos is still not out of the question with 4 more weeks to go.

Stay tuned for this week’s projections coming Wednesday.