Making the Grade: Evaluating Billingsley’s 2014 Projections

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In July of 2014 former BCS Pollster Richard Billingsley released projections for every regular season game on the schedule. How well did he do? Let’s take a look. Using the following grading scale, you be the judge.

A+ = An exact match of projected wins, losses

A = One game difference

B = Two game difference

C = Three game difference

D = Four game difference

F = Five or more game difference

The 2014 tally is as follows:

A+ = 16

A = 31

B = 33

C = 19

D = 18

F = 11

Follow these links to see how Billingsley fared on every FBS team for 2014:

Final Total by Grade

Final Total Alphabetical

Team by team 2014 projection

Richard Billingsley’s 2015 Projections will be posted in late July.