Buckeye Win Leaves Committee With Tough Decision

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Alabama sat idle Saturday, hoping for upsets in Conference Championship games that would open the door for the Tide to sneak into the playoff. Unfortunately, the way things played out, the door is open but only by a tiny crack. If Auburn and Fresno State had won, the Tide’s resume would have looked slightly better in the Committee’s eyes. But Auburn fell to Georgia and Fresno State fell to Boise State. The Committee is now left weighing a one loss Alabama who did not even win their division, with a two loss Ohio State who won the Big 10, but suffered a stunning lopsided loss to Iowa in November.

Billingsley’s Reports are split. The Billingsley+ Report that uses margin of victory supports Ohio State at #4, the regular report, which was used by the BCS, has Alabama at #4. A strong case can be made for both teams. The College Football Playoff Rankings will be released in a matter of hours at 11AM CT. It’s a no win situation for the CFP Committee which is bound to take a lot of heat for their decision with two fan bases and the entire college football nation split in their believe of who deserves the final slot in the playoff.

Personally, I believe Alabama deserves the #4 ranking. The Crimson Tide went through the entire season undefeated until the last game and lost on the road to arch rival and highly ranked Auburn. The Buckeyes won a conference title, but two losses, and one of those a 55-24 loss to Iowa is just too much to overcome in my eyes.

It will be interesting to see how the Committee handles this very tough decision.