Billingsley: Ohio State Deserves Playoff

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All three Billingsley Reports are in, and all three concur, the Ohio State Buckeyes deserve to be one of the top four teams selected for the inaugural college football playoff. The Buckeyes finished #4 in the Billingsley Report (previously used by the BCS) and #3 in Billingsley+ (which uses margin of victory). My decision to select Ohio State over TCU in my personal poll, which is how I would vote if I were on the selection committee, relied heavily on the fact that both of my other reports have Ohio State ranked ahead of TCU. In my mind the difference is so slight, but by my calculations Ohio State played a more difficult schedule overall, and put their record on the line in one more game on the season. The Buckeyes played what I consider to be one of the most perfect college games ever played by beating a highly ranked Wisconsin team 59-0. Part of my decision is based on the fact the Big 12 conference does not play a championship game, therefore denying their best teams an opportunity to compete on an equal footing with the other power five conferences. TCU and Baylor are both great teams, both deserving of a playoff spot, but there is only one space and three teams to fill it. I think Ohio State is the best of those three teams.

Richard Billingsley

8:38 AM CST

December 7, 2014