Alabama Overtakes Notre Dame as Top College Football Program

Posted on April 30th 2016

There is a new King in College Football. For the first time in CFRC history, the Fighting Irish are no longer the top College Football Program. First released to the NCAA in 1996, the College Football Research Center’s All Time Top College Football Programs saw Notre Dame as the number one ranked program, a title the Irish have held every year since. In fact, Notre Dame and Michigan held a solid hold on the #1 and #2 positions respectively for 18 years. But Alabama began making a strong move beginning with their 2009 National Title which ranks as the overall best team in College Football history. Two years ago the Crimson Tide leaped over Michigan for the #2 position. At that time, my estimate was that if the current trend continued Alabama would overtake Notre Dame within 4 years. But thanks to three more Championships in a five year span, it only took 2 years.

Since this list is compiled from every game played since 1869, movement among the Top 10 Programs is rare, but Alabama’s run of 4 National Championships in 7 years, especially during a time when strength of schedules are the highest in the history of football, created rapid movement for the Tide.

Michigan has continued to fall, dropping to #4 behind arch rival Ohio State, but the race among the Top 4 teams will be an interesting one to watch in the next few years as Michigan and Notre Dame are witnessing a resurgence in their programs while nothing seems to be slowing down for Alabama and Ohio State. Click here for a complete list of the Top All Time College Football Programs and click here to research the entire Billingsley College Football Encyclopedia.

  • Bill Madden


    • Scott Captain Rino Dixon

      You’re an idiot period! Bama plays a top 10 schedule every year.

      Run along dumbass!

      • Blake Pruett

        Preach! RTR

    • Garry Butler

      Aww poor Bill he’s crying !!

    • David Jordan
    • Blake Pruett

      you have got to be kidding me we play high school teams? Come on down to the SEC! RMFT

      • Blake Pruett

        Alabama has the hardest schedule and I would love to see Michigan Michigan State Notre Dame ever come to the SEC and try to beat LSU Tennessee Georgia South Carolina Mississippi State Ole Miss! you have got to be a dumbass Roll Tide b****

        • Bill Madden

          just stating an opinion, you want start name calling , go fuck yourself

          • Blake Pruett

            Go fuck myself? Coach Saban does everything by the book and u say we play high school teams!?!!??? What about when we beat Clemson? Hahaha or Michigan State before them! But i guess cheating gets u 4 national championships in 7 years ?! Hate us all u want but u should RESPECT Nick Saban with what he has done. Hater! ROLL TIDE ROLL

          • Roadking69

            Nobody can legitimately deny how great Bama has become once again under Saban and I’m an OSU and Urban Meyer fan.

          • Donald Shelton

            Actually, you started the name calling, Sir.

          • Bill Madden

            Don, i retracted what i said and let it go at that,,I stated that al. has a fantastic team and in the past couple of years they have buried everyone with their recruiting,even spoke of the ass whippen you boys handed us in the bowl game. now and then i like to stir up the soup kettle , take care and have a good season. Bill,, GO IRISH. had to say it,

    • Steve Sanders

      You are a mindless troll, if you did ANY homework whatsoever, you would know better than to let such garbage spew from your mouth. You can hate on the Tide, that’s cool, we’re used to it. But don’t make up negative stuff about the program. If you would’ve said “I hate all the redneck fans” I would have let you have that. If you would’ve said “They all think they are hot shit” I would let that slide. It’s some of the things I hate about our program. But our integrity can not be questioned. Our love for the purity of the game is without fail. If you would check some facts you can find some negative things to say about Bama, but the things you said just aren’t accurate, at least not for the last 20 years.

    • Scott Captain Rino Dixon

      Bama got caught with one scandal in their 124 yr history in 1999 when former player Mike Dubose took over for a retiring Gene Stallings as HC. He paid a family $150K for a big time lineman out of Memphis to come to Bama. He was fired and Bama got hit with a 5 year probation. Do you always talk out of your ass about things you know nothing about? Bama plays one of the toughest schedules every season. Hell in 77 a 5-6 Ole Miss beat an undefeated Notre Dame team.

  • Kris Shelton

    There are haters every place I look. Then I see Bill’s remarks from below he obviously does not know much about football or how the process works when running a football program. I would love to know what bandwagon team he pulls for.

    • Blake Pruett

      Amen! Roll Tide!

  • James Hoffman

    Boise State as a top ten all time program? Vanderbilt as a top 50?

  • Tom Conley


  • Bill Madden

    for all youBama supporters , i probably take more crap living here in ohio because i’m a Notre Damer, i catch hell from these so called buckeyes and mich. people,but i will say this much you didn’t just beat us in the bowl game you taught us a lesson on what it’s like getting a good ass whippen., I don’t pay much attention to the SEC or any other programs so basically i have no idea who AL. plays.. Al. has proven themselves over and over these past couple of years. and there recruiting shows it.I am not an authority on football unless it’s Notre Dame ,I have followed them since my growing up days in chicago, i am not some young kid , anyway wish your team a good season, Bill

    • Mike Graham

      Wait a minute Bill, you’re all over the place my friend. One post, it’s “you taught us a lesson” and then “I don’t pay much attention to the SEC”…and then you say in another post, “Alabama plays a high school schedule. and Nick Saban is a cheater and a joke.” First and foremost, to call anything surrounding Alabama football a joke is well, you know…ridiculous, and do I really need to explain that to you? We’ve won more National Championships in the last six years than Notre Dame has dreamed about and we do it fair and square…by out recruiting most teams in America. I don’t remember hearing Bama fans complain and put Notre Dame down back when they had a dynasty but then again, I wasn’t around in 1924, 1929, 1930, 1943, 1946…and so on. You do realize that NBC broadcasts NATIONALLY every single Notre Dame football game played each year and you haven’t won a national championship in 28 years? You get that right Bill? All that national exposure, every week, all football season and it’s been since 1988 you won a championship? And as for Alabama playin’ high school teams. Funny thing how the SEC produced what, 6, 7 or 8 national football championships in a row just a couple years back, right Bill? But of course we’re all playing those high school teams! Ya see Bill, all of us SEC folks, we know that strength of schedule gets you into national title games and the SEC produces the most strengths you’ll find in college football. And one last thing…took a peek at Notre Dame’s football schedules the last few years and this is what I found…U. Mass, Temple, Wake Forrest, Rice, Purdue, Rutgers, South Florida, Maryland and on your 2016 schedule, I already see NC State and Nevada. Now I don’t know what you folks up north consider powerhouses but down here in the south, those teams on that list ain’t it Bill !!! Anyway…if you don’t believe Alabama’s a pretty good football program, just ask Manti Teo and his imaginary girlfriend. They’ll tell ya Bill…Roll Tide!

      • Bill Madden

        Mike my first article was me running my mouth, then i retracted what i said , sometimes i go off the deep end but all in all al, has a great program ,maybe one day we can play each other again, hopefully the results are a little different , so hopefully this issue is resolved , take care and have a great season>>> Bill

  • MPJ

    Who could possibly dispute the findings of THE College Football Research Center? Can’t believe ESPN isn’t all over this breaking news. Yaaaaaawn….